Corporate Culture


Corporate Mission
Serve the country through industry; hard work can rejuvenate the nation; promote the economic and social development
Support and protect the employees to pursue higher and better quality of life.

Corporate Tenet
To be the most sustainable Chinese enterprise in Africa.
To be a bridge for cooperation and friendship between Chinese and African people.
To be a lifelong home for employees.

Corporate Values 
Commonalities make greatness.
Share and grow together.

Corporate Spirits
Practicality, diligence, harmony and transcendence


Operation Philosophy  
Equilibrium investment, steady development, and making achievements according to circumstances based on the main business. 


Management Philosophy
There are no individual heroes just a good team.
No one is irreplaceable.
Full confidence and adequate supervision.
Corporate Ethics
Mutual respect regardless of position, color and nationality!
Good faiths exist everywhere.


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